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Cold Week In Chapel Lawn. Shropshire

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We were asked to supply and deliver 140 tonnes of silica sand for ménage that was being rebuilt in Chapel Lawn. Bucknell. Shropshire starting on Monday 18th January 2016. This part of the country is quite beautiful and in summer you would think that you were in a different country all together, but on Monday when I started to deliver the sand the weather had turned cold and damp, rain and wind was forecast. From the main road in Craven Arms it took approx 30 minutes to arrive at our destination, half way up the side of one of Shropshire`s mountains, driving through Bucknell`s narrow roads kept your eyes open from oncoming traffic, there were not many passing places to say the least, but with a little courteous from myself and other drivers we manage to get the sand delivered. Below a couple of photos of what we had delivered.


 20160125_140813   20160125_140819  20160125_142551

20160125_142308  20160125_142336  20160125_142429

Three photos of the delivery truck in the Shropshire Countryside on a cold winter January 2016

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