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  1. I received a telephone call from a Mr Taylor from Halifax early in September asking me if i would price 140 tonnes of Silica Sand for menage 40 x 20 meters delivered. The order was put through and the first load was delivered down a very narrow tarmac single track road where this led to the menage. It was approx one mile of the main road and was quite hard to negotiate. As the journey was all motorway with a very steep hill leading to the property lane, it took approx 3 hours turn round and about 30 minutes to load and unload. Within 4 days the menage was completely covered and job done. After the levels were found we thought that another load would do the trick and 20 tonnes was delivered. I would like to thank Mr. Mrs Taylor for the order of sand and permission to use these photos to show what was accomplished with 160 tonnes.

    Taylor 1  Taylor 4  Taylor 5 
    Taylor 6  Taylor 2  Taylor 3